Dreaming While Reading


So I am in a book club and this month we are reading “Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe” by Bill Bryson. I have had the most wonderful time reading this book so far. It has really gotten me dreaming about getting off this rock we call “The U.S.” and explore other parts of the world.

Bill Bryson paints such a cool picture of every country and city he visits. He describes things that we typically see as mundane and unnoticeable: like how people in other countries park their cars, or cross the street. I want to meet people from other places, and maybe do America a favor and show that we’re not all redneck gun enthusiasts with low tolerance for differences.

I have been to Canada and Mexico, which is a start. At least I have reached 25 years old and been out of the country. I’m so ready to explore more. My mother has planned several European adventures that never came through because of finances, or bad timing, or divorcing my dad (I suppose divorcing my dad applies to both).

The other thing I enjoy about Bryson’s book is that he doesn’t romanticize the parts of the world that are usually romanticized in movies and on TV. He finds the small, under appreciated areas. The only bummer is: “Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe” was written in 1992, a lot has changed since then, so some of his accounts may no longer be relevant.

Where are some places you’ve been? What’s your favorite? What places should I absolutely see before I die?

Just Curious.



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