Sick Girl


Man oh man. I was hit with sickness to start off my week. My fever hit 102 and I was heavy and achey in bed for 4 days. My gym schedule has been thrown off and I had to call out from work several days which always fills me with guilt. I have a great boss, and I love my kids a lot so calling out makes me feel like I’ve let someone down. Clearly, that is ridiculous because if you’re sick, you’re sick.

The plus side of all this was that I was able to send out a TON of resumes to any and everyone who was hiring someone with administrative and customer service experience AND paying a decent wage. Unfortunately, that was all seemingly useless because I’ve gotten no calls or emails back as of yet.

I’ve been lucky with jobs in the past. I have gotten every job I have tried for and I have been called back immediately¬†for interviews. According to my mother this is completely normal and I shouldn’t feel discouraged. That is getting a little tricky because I’ve been at it for two months now. But again, I hear that’s normal.

I left a message at the nannying agency today asking if I’d hear from them any time soon. Last week they said they’d call me on Monday with potential families. That did not happen.

Oh well! TGIF! My head is held high, and this is about to be a three day weekend, and the Seahawks have a playoff game this Sunday, so all should be fun and delightful. I hope everyone has a great weekend!




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