First Post.

Hello, it’s me again. For many years I have attempted a daily blog in order to practice writing again.. Well.. Joke’s on me: Writing every single day is unrealistic for me. So, I’m getting real with myself. THIS year, I want shoot for a weekly post instead of daily. If I happen to post more than once a week, bully for me, but the goal is once a week.

I have been an Extended Day instructor for a year and a half with the original plan of becoming a teacher. I have changed my mind… Again. Now don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t consider myself a flaky person, but I HAVE changed my life plan more than once… much more than once. I made the decision not to teach because I do not like where education in this country is headed. Cutting the arts, adding more math and science, having little recess and teaching around state regulated tests are all things I am against, so I decided not to have any part in it.

That leads me to yesterday. Yesterday I went to an interview at a nannying agency and it went incredibly well. The owner had a lot of respect for me and my experience and wants to place me in a home that is offering a high annual salary. Cool! I should be happy, right? I am very happy, but very doubtful as well. Am I backing myself into a corner only doing childcare the last three years? Should I trust the instincts telling me to be a manager again? Do I really want to step away from the school district job? Why do I ask so many questions? Should I trust my gut?


This is how my brain works. Messy.

Anyhow, the rock that blasted into my windshield yesterday on my way home from the interview was a definite sign that I need a higher paying job to take care of myself. I love kids a lot, they’re so fun and I love helping them grow: and if there is one thing I’m sure of; it’s that I’m not a “suit”.

So here I am, January 7th, 2016, already sure that this year’s word is: Change. Here goes nothing!



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